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You have been stealing your roommate John Brachalli sex toys for some time. You like to use them although you know it is wrong. But this time, John set up a hidden camera in order to know what is happening with his dildos. Now, you are going to take some toys but he jumps out and say, laughing: I caught you! You can’t do anything to hide because you have them all in your hands… He catches you re-handed. He says that if you like to play with his toys, you have to play with him. You sigh relieved, because the situation is better than expected. Now you are in bed with John and he is giving you the best blowjob of your live. Then you fuck with him face to face and in reverse position while he asks you to slap his ass. His Spanish dirty speaking turns you on so much. You join your penises and masturbate between you and you keep fucking with your handsome roommate until both of you cum. Your evening has been more fun and pleasant than you expected to be!
Model: James Lewis, John Brachalli
Full Time: 25:36 min

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