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I Want To Play

Your boyfriend Sid Jackson comes home and you are lying on bed covered by books because you are studying really hard. He gets close to you and he says he wants to play, because studying is quite boring. At the beginning you say no, but he takes his t-shirt off and then he takes your hand and puts it on his cock so you can feel how hard it is. You begin to be convinced but the final point is when he says: “Let’s find out what do you have for me to have fun”, and with lustful eyes he goes down and give you a blowjob, introducing your cock deep inside his mouth, then licking it and playing with it. He fucks you while you masturbate yourself and you can tell by his face that he is having the playing time he expected. He will dirty speaking in Spanish until both of you will cum in different positions. He was right, it was a great idea to play together… now you can study with a smile on your face.
Model: Randy Junior, Sid Jackson
Full Time: 29:18 min

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