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Dinner is served

Having a nice working atmosphere for you and your coworkers is way more important than having your perfect job. Being the servant of a wealthy family wasn’t your dream as a kid, but dark-haired Colombian Santi Konnor makes following the orders a bearable task. He helps you getting organized at stressful moments and tells you to grab your oculusgo or gear vr at the boring ones to give you a blowjob in the kitchen. And if you make your break a bit earlier to go to the TV Room to get some fun with his hard ass in cowboy and reverse cowboy positions, he won’t blame you for doing an interracial instead of working. After all this time working in VR Gay Porn as servant, you know that once dinner is served, it’s time for you to eat something. And today Santi Konnor fancies doing you a blowjob as main course and a cumshot in his mouth for dessert.
Model: Ken Summers, Santi Konnor
Full Time: 32:09 min

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