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The secret of the butt-ler I

We couldn’t let these wonderful three years of VirtualRealGay go unnoticed, obviously. And of course, this anniversary was enough for sensual aristocrat Lord Bailon (Jonas Jackson) to get some inspiration and do a painting of Richard (Jeffrey Lloyd). We don’t need to say that, to be a true adventure in vr gay porn, there’s one person missing. Luckily for them, Lord Bailon’s butler, Louis (Mickey Taylor), can’t resist to these guys’ hard dicks, and watching them enjoying so much at this party fucking in cowboy position, he won’t doubt a second and will ask who he should give a vr blowjob first. As we always say: “two make a party, three make a vr threesome”. Especially when there’s always a second part for this VirtualRealGay Anniversary with lots of vr cums.
Model: Jeffrey Lloyd, Jonas Jackson, Mickey Taylor
Full Time: 33:22 min

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