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Special Delivery

When you ordered your special gift you never thought it would be brought to you by such a hot guy like Gabriel. But here he is with a nice box that has your name on it. Well, you are in the back of your lovely house so you don’t even get to answer the door for him. You’re just chilling and trying to relax and you don’t have the time to get to the door! So, Gabriel comes to the back door to give you your package and when you see him it is way more than you expect. Most of the time these delivery guys are dad bod jokers who toss the boxes and go but this guy is the real deal. He’s super hot and muscular and you see that your box is already opened. The delivery guy apologized but he says the box was opened already and he saw what you bought. Your face turns bright red because you did not want anyone to know about your taste for this hot stuff. However, you are kind of turned on when you realize that maybe Gabriel wants to get in on your dildo fun. Luckily for you Gabe wants to try out the toy and warm it up for you. He happens to think you’re pretty cute too so he tries it out and gets it good and lubed up before sticking it inside of his asshole. This is really just a warm up because he fully intends to get his ass fucked by you too. This is your lucky day because in addition to a brand new dildo you also got a bio cock to make you happy! Gabriel loves the fucking that you get him and he will request to be your delivery guy from now on.
Model: Gabriel D’Allessandro



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