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Trio of Aces

Handsome studs, Manuel Reyes and Jonathan Miranda, create a fun and exciting show while you watch them from the couch. The bearded hunk, Manuel goes over to you to invite you to join the fun. The horny Latinos waste no time at all in pleasing you. The three of you take turns giving each other a blowjob before you go straight to the main event. Manuel can’t help but moan in delight as you bareback his behind while Jonathan slides his rod down his throat. Not wanting to let you do all the hard work, Jonathan takes the switch and pounds his shaft into your ass. He continues to bang you hard in missionary until you both cum hard. Manuel then cleans the creamy mess on your body using his soft lips and warm tongue.
Model: Jonathan Miranda, Ken Summers, Manuel Reyes
Full Time: 36:48 min

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